How to Connect to a Personal Hotspot with Wi-Fi. Since your iPhone is already a Hotspot thanks to the steps above, you are ready to link your other device. Go to Settings and find Wi-Fi. Look for your iPhone Hotspot network on the list and tap to join. If you’ve set up a password, enter it now. You're now connected to your Personal Hotspot.

As I told, i changed my iphone name, then I connected my iphone with laptop via bluetooth. however, I couldnot connect to my iphone hotspot. What i did was right-clicked on bluetooth icon, then clicked on "join a personal area network", then right-clicked on my devices, clicked on the connect using and access point. Finally it worked for me. How To Enable Hotspot On Apple iPhone 8 and iPhone X Oct 30, 2017 Personal Hotspot Not Working in iOS 13 on iPhone or iPad Turn OFF and Turn ON Cellular Data. One of the first things you should do is give cellular data a …

Oct 12, 2011

To change the hotspot network name on your iPhone, you'll need to change the name of the iPhone itself. Changing the hotspot's name is a great way to make sure you know which network is yours when

How to connect to an Instant Hotspot with your iPhone or

Occasionally, like this morning, the internet is out at my office. I am using my personal hotspot on my phone to get wireless access to the internet so I can keep working online. I have unlimited data on my iPhone, but I don't know if my personal hotspot usage considered data usage or will I get Best Wi-Fi Hotspot App to Turn iPhone/Android into Mobile May 24, 2019 [resolved ] How do I find my Hotspot ip address If you mean your IP that your hotspot is being assigned by your mobile provider, you can go to our homepage and get your IP. If you mean the IP that's assigned to your hotspot as a local device, you can go into your hotspot settings. You should see something like Another option for Windows is to do Start Run CMD. Solved: Roku won’t connect to iPhone hotspot - OS 9.2 Dec 13, 2019