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Dec 19, 2018 · Click on the Internet Plugins tab or the Safari Extensions tab. Easily remove them for good. Disable or uninstall Flash or other browser plugin. Flash is a browser plugin, but because it is often the cause of problems, we decided that it deserves its own section. Flash is pretty but high maintenance and it chows your browser and system resources. You can remove login items one at a time and start up your Mac after each removal to see if the problem is gone. To do so, go to System Preferences > Users & Groups and click your name on the left Mar 10, 2012 · This is what worked for me to fix my WIFI connection problems on my refurbished iMac 27" 3.4 Quad Core. Also make sure you reset your router and reboot after making these changes. Website: http Nov 12, 2019 · This guide shows you tricks to get your Mac up and running, so you can try to repair the drive with Apple or third-party software. We don't limit the solutions to just one method of getting your Mac to boot but cover any methods that could help and let you get your Mac running to the point where you could repair the startup drive or further diagnose the problem. Jan 10, 2018 · On December 26, 2017 I took delivery of a 10-core iMac Pro. From the time of its arrival I have had two serious problems that may or may not be related. (1) External USB3 hard drives (I have tried a variety from different manufacturers) attached to the ports on the back of the iMac Pro are

Solved: MacBook connects to Wi-Fi but has no Internet

Screenshot by Matt Elliott/CNET 5. No internet connection. Sometimes my MacBook ($730 at Back Market) freaks out and can't connect to my Wi-Fi network when my Windows laptop and iPhone ($900 at

How to Fix your iMac WIFI problems - YouTube

internet problems on the imac | Mac-Forums: The Everything Jan 20, 2012 If my iMac is connected to the internet via both WiFi and