Nov 20, 2019

Best Army Bases: Which Ones Are The Best and Where Are Best of the Best Army Bases. I have mentioned just a few Army bases, but there are many more. Ft. Drum, NY, home of 10 th mountain is a great base with bad weather. Ft. Carson, CO, is a great base with amazing mountain scenery. I only spent a few hours at Ft. … 8 Best U.S. Military Bases for Families | Extra Space Storage May 06, 2019

Also known as Crete Naval Base, Souda Bay Naval Base is the fourth best U.S. military base in the world according to us. Serving as the largest and most prominent naval base for the United States and NATO in the eastern Mediterranean, the island Crete forms a significant part of the economy and cultural heritage of Greece.

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Most Navy bases are on the water so they have some sort of scenic view, but Portsmouth is special because of the small, historic, town it sits in, first settled in 1623. Today, sailors stationed at Kittery can visit Portsmouth Harbor Lighthouse, bed and breakfasts, the Kittery Historical and Naval Museum, outlets and theaters. List of military bases in California. There are 40 military bases in California which are listed below. There are 9 Army bases, 16 Navy bases, 7 Air Force bases, no Marine bases, and 2 Coast Guard bases Jul 28, 2017 · 4. Best Military Bases OCONUS: Naples, Italy Naples, Italy, famous for its beauty, is home to the US Sixth Fleet and the US Naval Forces Europe. Being stationed there can be a dream if you love