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Other websites, such as Bloomberg, Reuters, The Wall Street Journal and The New York Times have been banned in China for many years. China will also block Apple, Tesla, and Microsoft.. China has also blocked many famous social media services such as Facebook, Twitter, Google (All Services) that includes youtube, as well as Dropbox, Whatsapp and slack are also blocked. How To Open/Unblock Blocked Websites (5 Ways) | Safe Tricks Mar 12, 2020 Is Yahoo Search Blocked in China? (Yes, it ishere's Fortunately for all of us, there are several ways to use Yahoo Search, Google, Bing, and all the other blocked websites and apps in China. Accessing Yahoo Search in China Using a VPN. Ask any expat who has lived in China and they’ll tell you all about their favorite Virtual Private Network, or “VPN” for short. China blocks almost a quarter of accredited foreign news Oct 22, 2019

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Oct 24, 2019 Indian Newspapers, Websites Inaccessible in China as VPNs

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10 popular apps and websites blocked in China | Gadgets Now India recently blocked 59 China-linked apps. However, ban on international websites and apps is not new in China. The country follows very strict internet censorship, known as Great Firewall of China, existing since more than a decade. Intenet in China is a world unto itself, where government monitors content and the word's most-popualr websites and apps are not easily accessible. Are Websites Blocked in Hong Kong | Share it HK Let’s say you’re in China and you would like to access a blocked site like Facebook. China has one fifth of the planet s population and a big and expanding economy. It has a policy of internet censorship and, because of this, almost 3000 websites are blocked on the country’s mainland.