But Adblock for iOS does the trick at the moment. This app runs only on iOS 7 or higher and is best to be used on the iPhone 5 or higher. It blocks pop-ups, layer ads and banners from websites that want to promote crappy stuff you don’t want. Many users have given the app a high rating because at the moment it is the only Appstore app

Jun 04, 2020 · Block specific porn websites. If you have a specific porn site that you want to block, move down the Websites settings screen and tap “Add a Website” under the Never Allow section. Type in the web address or URL you want to block on the pop up menu, and no one will ever be able to visit that website using your iPhone. Scroll down, then tap Block this Caller. To view and manage your list of blocked phone numbers and contacts, go to Settings > Messages > Blocked Contacts. See the Apple Support article Block phone numbers, contacts, and emails on your iPhone, iPad, or iPod touch. Jan 07, 2020 · If you're serious about blocking ads and want the best feature set, then AdBlock Pro for Safari is what you need. AdBlock will improve your overall Safari experience by blocking all ads, including normal ads and banners, autoplay ads, those pesky fake "x" button ads, scrolling banners, timed popups, redirects to "xxx" sites, YouTube ads in Safari, and no more online tracking.

May 30, 2019 · Turn on “Block All Cookies.” The cookies collected by various websites can contain a great deal of information about how you use the site, what info you put into it, etc. By blocking cookies

Jul 24, 2017 · However, if you want to block both ads and transfers at the same time, you will have to upgrade to the Pro version of the app. The free app can just block one or the other, but by getting the Pro version of the app (which will only cost you around $5) you can have the option to block both and have more customization options.

Feb 27, 2020 · How to Block Ads on iPhone, iPad and iPod touch Games for Free. I've recently encountered lots of annoying Ads in my iPhone and iPad. Can I stop ads from showing while I play games on my iPhone and iPad? The ads on your iOS games are well aimed especially after Apple introduced a new way of tracking system in iOS 7 and iOS 7.1.