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How to gain access to blocked websites? Posted on Jul - 18 - 2014. 0 Comment. You can try utilizing public proxy servers to access resources.This site maintains a large list of proxy resources. Similarly, a google search for ‘public proxy servers’ will turn up a large list. Some words of caution however. Bypass Internet Restrictions and Unblock Websites How to Bypass Internet Restrictions, Unblock and Access Blocked Websites. Scott Ackerman February 5, 2020 How To, Unblock the Internet. Unblock Websites and Bypass Internet Restrictions Anywhere. The web gives you access to an almost unlimited amount of information and entertainment options—unless your school or work is blocking parts of the How to Access Region-Restricted Websites From Anywhere on May 01, 2019 8 Ways of Opening a Blocked Site - EnkiVillage These sites convert the provided URL and provide you with a new link to their site to unblock blocked sites. Copy and paste that new link in your browser to unblock the blocked sites. Some common URL shorter services include MooURL, SnipURL & TinyURL to gain access to blocked sites.

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