Sep 06, 2019

First of all as some available on internet info explains "The local table is a special routing table maintained by the kernel".If you feeling really brave today you can even get some bits of information locally, here's how:. man ip-- since that was the command you've been tinkering with it makes sense to expect its manual should have some hints on the matter. Adding a route with android’s route – moiji-mobile Jun 29, 2010 Display the routing table in either Windows or Ubuntu Sep 11, 2006 Routing concepts: How to read the Routing Table -

How to see the routing table and dns in adb shell - Google

May 23, 2001 Android 4.4.2: all traffic routed to VPN, routing options The problem remains with the first entry in the "main" routing table: ip route show table main dev tun0 scope link default via dev wlan0 dev wlan0 scope link dev wlan0 proto kernel scope link src metric 315 dev wlan0 scope link dev tun0 scope link where (as Routing table - Wikipedia

Adding a route with android’s route – moiji-mobile

Managing Your Routes on an Android Device - Route4Me Support The primary goal of Route4Me Android Route Planner is to make your routing operations more flexible and enable you to plan, optimize and effortlessly manage your routes on the go. Route4Me Android app provides you with all necessary tools for gaining full control over …