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Jan 14, 2020 · The DNS server of a client site is a process, like any other, running on a host on the site. The Atera system enables MSP technicians to access that server remotely and check on the statuses of all of its running processes, including the DNS server. The technician can stop and restart the DNS server process should its functions hang or if it Query filters in DNS policy allow you to configure the DNS server to respond in a custom manner based on the DNS query and DNS client that sends the DNS query. For example, you can configure DNS policy with query filter Block List that blocks DNS queries from known malicious domains, which prevents DNS from responding to queries from these domains. ChrisPC DNS Switch. ChrisPC DNS Switch is a simple program where you can store a list of DNS servers and easily switch between them. It also comes with a DNS database with more than 30 DNS servers grouped by type such as Regular DNS, Secure DNS, Family Safe DNS, Anonymous DNS, and Custom DNS. "difference between public DNS and proxy server" Everything is different between them, and there's nothing in common except that both are under networking technology. Or to say it the funny way: it's the same difference as between a car and a vacuum cleaner.

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Google’s Public DNS Server. Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: Often listed among the …

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